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The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our faith.  That Jesus died and rose, tells us that evil and death do not have the last word.

But in order to truly receive the blessings of Easter, we must also experience the darkness of Good Friday.  The cross is central to our Christian Faith.

Easter is practically meaningless if you don’t first celebrate the death of Christ that brings it about.  At least, it’s meaningless from a Christian standpoint.  Easter is not an ode to Springtime, or a celebration of natural cycles of new birth.  Precisely because it is so difficult to celebrate death and resurrection all at the same time, Easter has become a day about lilies and chocolates and bunnies that lay eggs.  And if that is what you celebrate at Easter you are missing the good news of our faith.

So please plan to join us at worship during Holy Week.

All of our services in Holy Week will be child friendly.
Please come and bring your children and youth
to enjoy the Holy Week events, so they can learn and
participate in the stories of our faith!