Welcome to Cloverdale United Church!

We are a faith community made up of all different ages and shapes and colours and we are richer for each and every person that walks through our doors.

We come here to get closer to God. And we each find God in different ways – in the music, in the silence, in another’s smile or hug, in the words that are spoken. You are free to participate in whatever way you are comfortable. We hope that whatever you experience here, you meet the Holy.

We know that making a first visit to a church can sometimes feel a bit scary—whether you have previous exposure to church or not—but it doesn’t have to be!  Here at Cloverdale United Church, we try our best to live out the extravagant and inclusive welcome we believe God offers all.  We strive to be a community as diverse and hospitable as God’s kingdom. We don’t all look or act alike; God knows we don’t all think alike. We don’t all read the Bible the same way. We come from different religious backgrounds, we bring different questions, and we carry different burdens. But every Sunday, we gather and worship God together as one.

The best way to get to know Cloverdale United Church is to talk with the people here. Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with one of our pastors, lay leaders, greeters, or the people in your pew!

+ Our Mission & Vision +

To thrive in faith through relationship with God, one another and the Community.
Serving others as Jesus would.