Mark 9:2-9

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Transfiguration Sunday

Transition points in our journey, and the passing of batons from one leader to their follower... these are important and yet often complicated moments, in life and in the life of faith. Along with the story of Jesus' "transfiguration" that we'll hear this Sunday -- the time when some of his disciples got let in on a glimpse of Jesus' glory as his appearance was radically transformed before their eyes -- we'll visit a transition moment in one of Jesus' forerunners, the prophet Elijah (who just so happens to show up at Jesus' transfiguration, too). As Elijah disappears from sight in a scene full of sound and fury, his follower Elisha is left to keep on keepin' on. Elisha soon discovers, though, that the absence of flashy special effects and, moreover, the absence of his teacher and mentor Elijah do not mean the absence of God or the absence of God's power at work in and through him.