Matthew 17:1-9

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Transfiguration Sunday
This week, we leave behind Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, which we've been stepping through over the last number of weeks, in order to visit another scene of Jesus on a different "mount".  As the Season after Epiphany draws to a close, we hear the story of Jesus' "transfiguration":  the moment witnessed to by three of the Bible's four gospels, as well as some of the New Testament letters, when Jesus' appearance was changed right before some of his disciples' eyes and a voice from the heaven's sounded forth once again, as it had at Jesus' baptism.  This moment both affirmed the mission that Jesus was already living into and served as a turning point in the journey that he and his disciples were on, as it turned decisively toward Jerusalem and The Cross.
In our worship this Sunday, we have the privilege of witnessing in our midst a transfiguration of sorts, as we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.  As Logan Emerson Wootton goes under the waters and has the Word of God's promise pronounced over him, the claim of God on him will become visible and tangible, the Sacrament serving as a "sign and seal" by which we know the truth of God's embrace.  With joy we shall welcome this newest member of the body of Christ, the church, and pledge our love, support, and care to him as he lives and grows in Christ.