1st Kings 19:1-15a
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

With the "festival" half of the Christian year now passed, we now enter into the "Ordinary Time" of the year, a season that invites us to find God inhabiting our everyday journeys and to consider how our discipleship to Christ shapes our everyday living. This year, we'll hear the witness of prophets who speak a "word of the Lord" into the real-life situations of God's people, and we'll witness scenes from the life and teaching of Jesus as told to us by the gospel of Luke.

This week, we meet up with the prophet Elijah as he wrestles with the challenging path of being at odds with the preferences and perspectives of those who hold political and social power in his day. Sometimes the pressure of being a true prophet makes you want to run for the hills... but even there, God's presence and call can still find us.