John 21:1-19
3rd Sunday of Easter

Worship for the 3rd Sunday of Easter at Cloverdale United Church, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, a congregation of The United Church of Canada

John 21:1-19
"After These Things"

Worship leader and preacher: The Rev. Matthew Emery, lead minister

Preparing for Holy Communion (online worshippers):  This Sunday in worship, we will share together in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, Holy Communion. For those participating in worship online, before the time of the service you will want to prepare some bread: a slice, a small loaf, even a cracker if that's what you have on hand... any kind of bread... and also a cup or cups of juice or wine: perhaps grape juice or wine if you have it... or whatever it is you have available, whether with or without alcohol.  Set these elements in the living room or kitchen or wherever it is that you will experience online worship with our community of faith. Perhaps you want to put them on a lovely cloth or fabric that reminds you of a special time or a person deeply connected with you in the communion of saints. Perhaps you will light a candle or place beside the bread and cup a flower or plant or a photograph of someone you wish to bring into the circle of faith.