Luke 19:28-40
Palm Sunday

We enter into the majesty and mystery of Holy Week this Sunday with our worship for Palm Sunday. Palm branches in hand, we join a procession of children and their elders singing sweet hosannas. This procession, begun centuries ago in Jerusalem, encircles the earth with ceaseless praise and now winds around our church grounds and worship space. We are part of a long line of people in need of God’s saving grace who rejoice as Christ comes to open the gates of justice and bring heaven’s peace.

For those joining our service in-person, this Sunday's worship service will begin outside on the church grounds (weather permitting, of course) where worshippers will receive their palm branches in preparation for our procession as a whole worshipping assembly around the grounds and into the church. (Anyone with mobility concerns is welcome to being right in the sanctuary, where you should still be able to see and hear what is happening outside via the monitors.)