John 12:1-8

Worship Bulletin & Sermon Downloads

Fifth Sunday in Lent

(Apologies for the inferior video and audio quality for this week's YouTube video; an error caused us to have to upload the service from Zoom's recording rather than our direct YouTube stream.)

This Sunday, as our calendar gets ever-closer to the events of Holy Week, so too our scriptures take us to a scene of preparation for Jesus as he nears his impending passion and death. Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus and friend of Jesus, pours out an extravagant gift -- much as God's Spirit moves us to pour ourselves out with generosity and courage for the sake of the world God so loves.

As we hear the witness this intimate and rich story, our worship service will be a bit different this week as Rev. Matt explores the scene with children, youth, and adults alike in a "Sermon for All Ages", replacing both the "Early Word" and Sermon times. Rev. Matt will also involve the young ones in our midst in our times of prayer and offering, as worshippers of all ages will stay in the sanctuary for the whole service -- i.e., there is no separate "Children's Church" this week. (As always, the Quiet Room right off the sanctuary by the elevator is available for anyone who needs it.)