Luke 4:1-13
First Sunday in Lent

The season of Lent has begun, and as we enter into its rhythms and themes on this First Sunday in Lent, we shall begin to encounter anew that God is "on the move" with us. You see, Jesus didn't stay in one place for long. His earthly ministry was one of moving from one place and encounter to the next. He also moved through every part of the human experience, encountering everything from temptation, to joy, to suffering and even death. And through Jesus' journey, we glimpse the reality of God's journey to, with, and within us. The comforting truth of Lent is that as we delve deeper into our own self-examination, we find that we are not alone. God is still on the move in our lives, walking with us every step as we travel the road to new life.

In this week's focus scripture reading, we hear of the scene from the very beginning of Jesus' adult ministry wherein he was "tested" or "tempted" by the Evil One. Jesus’ temptation in the desert shows us that God has moved fully into human flesh and can identify with our every experience. Not only that, the solidity of Jesus' belief in the Holy One -- God, who is greater than the biggest temptations and deeper than the deepest hungers -- models for us how we, too, can withstand in the moment of trial.

Also... This Sunday in worship, we will share together in the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, Holy Communion. If you are joining us online for worship, you will want to prepare some bread -- a slice, a small loaf, even a cracker if that's what you have on hand... any kind of bread -- and also a cup or cups of juice or wine, so that you can partake along with those who will be participating in worship from within the church sanctuary.