Mark 10:2-16
19th Sunday after Pentecost

In October, we continue our walk alongside Jesus as told by the gospel of Mark, as he journeys from his transfiguration to his triumphal entry into Jerusalem before his crucifixion.  Along this journey, Jesus teaches about the nature of true discipleship.  It is based on a life contrary to the perspectives and priorities of the world. It is living into a life more in line with the kingdom of God, a kingdom that seeks to turn our world upside down.

On October 3rd, we hear two sayings of Jesus from among this teaching, one that makes many of us uncomfortable and one that we find very comforting.  Both, however, were ways that Jesus announced and enacted in history the new reality of God's surprising activity.  And these two stories demonstrate this new reality:  Women and children are accepted and valued, not dismissed as inferior.  What does it mean to receive the kingdom of God as a child does?

(Note: Due to precaution around potential illness on the part of Rev. Matt that necessitated his preaching remotely from home rather than be present in person at the church, the previously planned-for celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion was postponed.)