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Recognizing God's Grace
하나님의 은혜 알아 가기

Adult Formation Series for Fall 2022

Wednesday Evenings
October 5 - November 9
7:00 - 8:30 pm

Meeting in-person; online/hybrid participation available upon request
Participant booklet available in both English and Korean
한국어로 된 책이 있습니다

Free; suggested donation of $15

We are excited to announce our next adult faith formation opportunity, a 6-session series titled “Recognizing God's Grace,” led by our lead minister, Rev. Matt Emery. 

The "grace of God" is a central conviction of Christian faith.  Our worship, theology, and Christian living gain their lives from the God of grace who loves us in Jesus Christ, forgives us, saves us, and draws us into a life of grwoth in faith, hope, and love.  This basic belief about God and how God relates to us as humans has been much discussed and debated through the history of Christian theology.  It has been the subject of deep theological thought -- trying to understand and explain the mystery of the God who is grace and who, through love, extends grace to the world.  Moreover, the good news of God's grace has been and continues to be the rich, nourishing feast that nurtures and sustains hearts, souls, and spirits through times of confidence and doubt, triumph and challenge, comfort and affliction. 

In the six sessions in this series, we will seek to make grace as a theological term come alive.  We'll explore what it means to live out the grace of God and perceive God's grace all around us.  We'll take a look at lives where God's grace is seen, along with ways by which God's grace is conveyed to us and by us to others.  We'll dip our toes into the different ways that the Christian church has understood grace through its history and different branches, and we'll hope to stand in awe at the amazing presence of God's grace in our present.

The Recognizing God's Grace series will meet in-person on six Wednesday evenings, October 5 to November 9, from 7:00 pm to around 8:15 or 8:30, in the Lounge on the lower level of the Cloverdale United Church building.  Online/hybrid participation is also available, upon request.  A participant's booklet with material written by the Rev. Dr. Louis B. Weeks (a minister in the Presbyterian Church USA and former president of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia) will be provided; this booklet is available in both English and in Korean.  While the series and participant booklets are offered free of charge as a part of the ongoing mission and ministry of Cloverdale United Church, the suggested donation of $15 will help recoup the costs of the series materials.

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