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Please download the file below and print it to have it ready for the online worship at home on Sunday morning at 10:30 am.

Also, prepare your Bible, offering, offering plate, and a candle to light (if you wish) before the service starts.  

Our theme for this Sunday is Palm Sunday- Jazzed on Jesus.  

We have planned an interactive, all ages worship.  We will have a short tutorial during the announcements to help you become familiar with the Zoom elements that we will be using during worship. 

There will be a chance for you to share a joy and a worry or challenge in a small group and the opportunity to share prayers the way we normally do.  Robyn and I will also walk you through 3 worship stations.  

There are some supplies that you need for the stations.  

Before the worship please gather together:

  • Paper.  Any kind will do. Construction, cardstock, coloured, plain.  One sheet for each person.  
  • Pen or pencil, colour supplies if you have them.
  • Make a paper heart for everyone with you.  We will write on it during worship. 

Join us for the Zoom palm parade by preparing ONE of these activities!

  1. Grab some green construction paper (or regular paper and green paint, pencil crayons, crayons or felts!). Trace and cut out your hand. Glue/tape/use gum to stick it to a pencil, popsicle stick or chopstick! 
  2. Head outside and grab a cedar branch, a fern or any other greenery you see!
  3. Print out, cut and colour the attached Palm Leaf from Illustrated Ministries!

Have them ready for Sunday morning, when we will do a virtual Palm Parade!

All ages are encouraged to join!