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We are actively recruiting participants for a new faith learning program around parenting.  With different units for mothering and fathering, respectively, this is a program that meditates and shares what wisdom and perspectives on Parenting are spoken to us through the Bible and through our faith.

For our first trial engagement with offering this program, our first class will begin with ‘Wisdom for mothers’. The book is an eight-week journey, but depending on the situation, it can last longer.

The class will start on schedule as soon as the recruitment is complete. If anyone is interested in and would like to participate in this program, please contact our Intercultural Ministry Planning Officer, Chohee Won (  

We especially welcome and invite families and parents who are not already active in the life of our congregation... you don't have to already be a part of our congregation here at Cloverdale United Church in order to participate! So, feel free to spread the word!