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Join Rev. Matt for our fall 2023 adult formation series, “Learning to Pray”. Prayer—being in communication and connection with God—seems like it should be foundational to the life of faith and Christian discipleship. And indeed, it is. Yet for so many of us (Rev. Matt included!), we have many questions about prayer, concern or worry about whether we’re “doing it right”, guilt that we don’t do it often enough, and even wonder about whether we “know how to pray” at all! For the 5 Wednesday evenings in November, we’ll hold these questions and concerns gently as we journey together through Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone by James Martin, SJ. A New York Times Bestseller book, in Learning to Pray, Martin takes us through lots of different styles of prayer in what one commentator calls “A smart, wise, often side-splittingly funny master class in seeking God.” As the opening of the book says, “There is no one secret formula for prayer; rather, as in any relationship, everyone can discover the ways that work best for them. … All that is required is a willingness to open one’s heart.”

Access to a copy of the book will be required for fullest participation in the series. It is available for loan through the Surrey Libraries (, the Fraser Valley Regional Library (, and other area libraries; it can be purchased in both paperback and hardcover editions via most bookstores including Black Bond (, Indigo (, and, of course, Amazon. If you need assistance obtaining access to a copy, please get in touch with Rev. Matt.

Please pre-register for the series no later than October 29th by sending an email to Rev. Matt (