The Shopping Card Fundraiser has been offered at Cloverdale United Church for a decade.  By choosing to buy shopping cards at the church, the church is able to keep a percentage from the total sold.  Different stores offer different percentages.  The funds raised go towards paying the everyday costs of running the church.  The best part of this fundraiser is, you are spending money on what you are going to buy anyhow.  They also make gift giving especially easy and most people appreciate the gesture of the gift card you choose for them. 

On the second Sunday of the month, we put in our collective order by giving Lorri Sowerby the order form for the shopping cards we want to purchase that month and then writing the church a cheque for that amount.  Lorri will submit the order after church and then deposit the cheques the next day and then once the cheque for the total amount is signed and the cards are ready to pick up,  the next step is delivering them to the people who ordered them.  Typically this is done the following Sunday at church, but often people need them sooner, so an alternate arrangement is made.  Normally Lorri has picked up the shopping cards by Thursday.

Lorri is happy to answer any questions you may have about the shopping card program.  (