U.C. W. - Women's Units

U.C. W. - Women's Units

U.C.W. (United Church Women)

Welcome Ladies to the Cloverdale United Church Women (U.C.W.).   We have a wonderful group of women at Cloverdale United that regularly meet durning the month. There are 3 different “Units”, each having their own agenda, age range and interests.

Alpha Unit is a small group of women who meet once a month at the church on a Wednesday afternoon.  These women use the Mandate and Observer as a basis for their devotions and discussions.  They would love for you to come out and join them.

Friendship Unit These ladies meet on the first Tuesday morning of each month, usually in the home of one of the members. They have devotions, chats and most sewing projects originate from this group. They are always major contributors to the annual craft sale.  These ladies are the instigators of interesting field trips held each spring.  Their name says it all.

Sunshine Unit meets on the first Wednesday evening of each month - many of these women still have outside jobs.  We have had some interesting discussions that develop from work-related and grandchild experiences!  This is a group who loves to eat and have fun; and is at forefront of all our Church activities and events.