Children & Youth

Children & Youth


We are welcoming to both children and families. We offer Children and Youth Church on Sunday mornings during worship.  We have a Quiet Room for busy toddlers and babies needing a quieter space. Please feel free to access the Quiet Room at any time during the service; but remember we welcome the joyful noise of children.  The children are welcome to join Children's Church after the gathing time during the worship service.



Youth are welcome to join the children after the gathering time during worship.  If you are a youth who loves to sing we welcome your participation in the choir.  The choir practices Thursdays evenings.  If you would like more information please speak with either Rev. Lori Megley-Best or Mary Nichol

Our Youth Group meets twice monthly and is open to all youth in grade 7 to 12.  We often include a time of community building, worship, learning together, games and snacks.  You will often find this group finding ways to connect to the rest of the congregation through the planned events of Live It Up.  

Our youth group connects to wider Church events such as weekend a spring youth retreat and a BC Conference wide youth retreat in the Fall.